Top 10 Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQL

The July meeting will be held at 18:00 EST on Tues, the 25th. Once again, we will be holding the meeting in the community space at CoverMyMeds. Please RSVP on MeetUp so we have an idea on the amount of food needed.


Jim Mlodgenski will be flying in from NJ to deliver his ‘Top 10 Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQL’.

Jim Mlodgenski is the CEO and co-founder of StormDB and one of the co-organizers of the New York City PostgreSQL User Group. Jim has been active in the PostgreSQL community for many years and speaks on PostgreSQL topics at conferences worldwide, including co-organizing PGDay NYC.

Prior to StormDB, Jim was Founder of Cirrus Technologies, a professional services company focused on helping move database centric applications to the Cloud. Before that, Jim was Chief Architect at EnterpriseDB. While at EnterpriseDB, in addition to the role of Chief Architect, he also was VP of Technical Services running Sales Engineering, Professional Services, Training and Customer Support.


Please park at a meter on the street or in the parking garage (see below). You can safely ignore any sign saying to not park in the garage as long as it’s after 17:30 when you arrive. Park on the first level in any space that is not marked ‘24 hour reserved’. Once parked, take the elevator to the 3rd floor to reach the Miranova lobby.

Finding us

You do not need to check-in at the desk. In fact, they’ll probably tell you they don’t know of a meeting. Just skip the front desk completely.

The elevator bank is in the back (West side) of the building. Take a left and walk down the hall until you see the elevator bank on your right. Grab an elevator up to the 11th floor. Once you exit the elevator, look to your left and right. One side will have visible cubicles, the other won’t. Head to the side without cubicles. You’re now in the community space. The kitchen is to your right (grab yourself a drink) and the meeting will be held to your left. Walk down the room towards the stage.

If you have any issues or questions with parking OR THE ELEVATORS, feel free to text/call Doug at +1.614.316.5079