Join the conversation on Slack

As a user group, one of the goals of pgCMH is helping users interact with the larger community. Whether it be for technical assistance, socializing, advocacy, or other, keeping the conversation going is a large goal for us. Which is why we’re pleased to announce the #pgcmh channel on Slack!

We created this channel under the PostgreSQL community’s Slack presence, so to sign up, simply head over here. Once your account is created, use their web app, download their mobile app, or download their native app for your computer and join us on #pgcmh.

Since we’re under the PostgreSQL team on Slack, you’ll also immediately be able to join any of the 32 other channels: there’s a room for finding/posting #postgres-jobs, the #general channel for PostgreSQL questions, the #events channel for announcing upcoming PostgreSQL events, and tons of other channels.

Talk to you on Slack soon!